When should I drop off and pick up my child from camp?
Parents are welcome to drop off and register their children starting at 10 am, Monday mornings. Everyone is welcome to closing chapel at 11 am on Saturday (exception: Week 2, Gr. 3-5, closing chapel is 7:00 pm Friday evening). A hotdog lunch is provided to parents and campers after closing chapel on Saturdays and the tuck shop is open for campers and parents to purchase snacks for the ride home.

What should I expect when dropping my child off Monday morning?
Registration includes the regular things like waivers and payment, a lice-check and then your child will be introduced to his/her cabin leader and shown where he/she will be 'bunking' for the week. Feel free to accompany your child to their cabin should you desire. Though we try hard to keep the waiting time down, sometimes it can feel like you're standing in line for a while. Complimentary tea and coffee will be available for parents as they wait.

What might a normal day at camp all include?
A camper's day starts around 8am and is filled with meals, chapels, 4 skill slots, plenty of rec games, free time, swimming and tuck!

Should I send tuck money with my child?
Nope! For the last couple years we have included tuck in the regular camp cost. We will have a daily limit of $3-4 and unused money won't be returned at the end of the week. Keeping things simple.

What happens if the lice-check reveals lice?
Our lice policy requires campers found to have lice to return home and be treated. You will be reimbursed or asked if you'd like to arrange for your child to come a different week. It is very sad for us to send campers home, but we must do our best to keep the rest of the campers free from lice.

How do I get to Beaver Creek Bible Camp?
When driving north on Hwy 8, turn left onto Rd. 234 (about 10 min past Riverton). Continue driving north on the gravel road for about 35-40 min. The camp is located only a few kilometers past the Beaver Creek Provincial Park. Turn right at our sign and you're there!

What should my child bring to camp?
Here's our packing list for download! PACKING LIST

What are skills and how many do campers get to do?
At BCBC each camper gets to participate in 4 daily skills. On our registration, they get to pick 6 of the following skills (of which they will be placed in 4). Archery, Canoeing, Kayaking, Drama, Crafts, Music and Band, Digital Photography (for older weeks), Outdoor Survival, Sports, and Mapquest. They may also get to try other skills and activites (like ziplining for example) with their cabin throughout the week.

If you have any other questions, please email the directors at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they'll gladly help you out!